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Good on Paper (an online magazine based in Stroud, UK) - Sep 2016

Classical Claps (an online magazine based in Chennai) - Nov 2019


India West (a newspaper based in Los Angeles) - Oct 2007

A portion of Raag Keervani from a live concert at the Awarkening the Heart Sufi Conference.

7:54 min

K Sridhar @ Awakening
the Heart Sufi Conference

3:13 min

2002 Fyra Indiska Mästare 1: K.Sridhar, sarod
Maruti Kurdekar, tabla

49:52 min

Culmination of Raag Bhairavi

from a concert at Duke Univ.
K.Sridhar, sarod
Anil Datar, tabla

7:06 min

K. Sridhar, sarod, and
Shaik Dawood, tabla

Chennai (Madras) 1978 

19:54 min

Raga Bilaskhani Todi

39:55 min

Strings of India, Pt. 1

K.Sridhar, sarod with
K Shivkumar, sarod & violin 

36 min

Live in Frankfurt CD of Bitter Beer Funeral Band with Don Cherry and K. Sridhar

10:01 min

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