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A concert of North Indian Classical Music typically consists of the performance of two ragas, each about an hour in length with an intermission in between.  The instrumentalist spontaneously composes the piece, at first solo and then accompanied by percussion.  The raga is a melodic structure on which all improvisation is based.  The first portion of the raga, known as alaap, slowly and gently reveals this structure just as a flower bud opens under the influence of the sun.  After many explorations related to the mood of the raga, the percussion enters and the flower opens.  In the final dialogue between sarod and tabla, the essence of the raga reveals itself much like a flower emits its fragrance.  All ragas begin and end on the same note just as all manifestations begin and end in the Creator.  It is only between the beginning and the end that the three aspects of creation, preservation, and dissolution are revealed.

To arrange a concert by K. Sridhar

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Naada Yoga Productions

Normally K. Sridhar performs as a solo artist but it is possible to arrange for small ensembles featuring various combinations of Hindustani and Carnatic instrumentation.  Lecture-demonstrations and educational workshops available with concert bookings.


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