One of Today's Finest Exponents of the Sarod
Two music traditions co-exist in India, that of the North (Hindustani) and of the South (Carnatic).  They share the same basic systems but differ greatly in the instruments used, by the ragas played, and by the concept of musical expression.  Mastery of both traditions is very rare.  K. Sridhar has done so.

Performing a raga is like painting on an open canvas he says.  "Gradually the colors make an image and create a mood.  At a certain point, the painter forgets that he is painting on a canvas and begins unconsciously to choose the right colors.  The painter, the canvas, and painting become one."

It is to his spiritual teacher that K. Sridhar gives credit for lending his music a quality described as "an aspiration towards spiritual bliss" (Telerama, France, 1982).  As another critic put it, " A concert by K. Sridhar is a rare and distinctive offering – full of heart" (The New Mexican, USA, 2007).  To his loyal listeners, K. Sridhar offers ongoing opportunities to experience what he calls Nada Yoga or "union through sound."
The music of K. Sridhar...
"opens our hearts and probes deep into our soul."
(Japan Times, 1984)
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